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  1. Purikool team would like wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year2020!

    Dear Customers,

    Our office will be closed for Chinese Lunar New Year from 24th January (Friday) to 27th January (Monday) 2020.

    We will resume operation on 28th January (Tuesday) 2020.

    Purikool team would like wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year2020!

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    A great big thank you customers with Purikool.
    We love our customers dearly and your feedback is so helpful for us to hear.

    Leave a review on our Facebook and you get the benefit and have the chance to be the lucky winner.

    All of Existing and New customers
    1. Benefit : 1 year extension of Warranty(parts only)
    2. Condition : Who purchased our dispenser and leave a review on our Facebook
    3. Period : 25. Sep - 25. Oct. 2019

    Selected Lucky Winners
    1st winner : 2 years free ECS(worth $480) : 2 people
    2nd winner : $100 off voucher for ECS or filter purchase : 5 people
    3rd winner : $50 off voucher for ECS or filter purchase : 9 people

    Winner Announce date : 30. Oct. 2019

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  3. 10 Warning Sings That Your Body is Lacking Water


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  4. The Environmental Perils of Plastic Water Bottles

    Have you ever wondered how many bottles of water you have bought over the past years? Or bottles of carbonated drinks, sports drinks, juices, or whatever beverage that uses a bottle? Just imagine where all these end up. You wouldn't want to know.

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  5. Shelf Life, Storage and Expiration of Water

    About 71% of the world is water. From oceans, lakes, rivers, and even wells, water is basically everywhere. Being able to dissolve more substances than any other liquid, water is called the universal solvent. It’s useful in so many ways. We use it to water the plants that give us oxygen. We use it to bathe our pets who give us joy. We use it to wash our hands, cars, clothing, and dishes to clean them from the bacteria that they may have. But most importantly, we use them for replenishing and supplying us with fluids in our body.

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  6. Increase Water Intake, Reduce Blood Pressure

    Have you been experiencing severe headaches these past few days? How about vision problems and chest pains? Perhaps you’ve been having excessive fatigue and difficulty in breathing too. Consider getting your health checked-up because you might probably be suffering from hypertension, or simply put, high blood pressure. If this goes untreated, it can strain your heart and arteries, which can further result to organ damage.

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    Dehydration happens when the fluid going into your body is way less than the quantity of fluid going out. Because of this, your body is not able to maintain the ample amount of water needed to keep itself working at its best. Early symptoms of dehydration include thirst, urine in dark yellowish colour, as well as minimal production of urine. For more severe cases of dehydration, symptoms may include dry mouth and skin, headache, low blood pressure, fever, or even unconsciousness.

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  8. The Ultimate Hack to a Smooth and Healthy Skin

    Is your face covered with wrinkles? Do you suffer from excessive oily skin? Have you had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing nothing but scars and pimple marks? Do not worry, you are not alone. Skin problems are a common dilemma to almost every other people out there.

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  9. H2O: Your Instant Mood Booster

    Feeling down and lonely? We know an instant way to lift your mood up—treat yourself to a refreshing glass of water!

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  10. Pregnancy Hack: The Benefits of Water Dispenser for Expecting Moms

    Are you a would-be-mom? Or is your wife currently expecting a baby? Well, congratulations to you! You're on your way to such a beautiful journey!

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