Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Pregnancy Hack: The Benefits of Water Dispenser for Expecting Moms

    Are you a would-be-mom? Or is your wife currently expecting a baby? Well, congratulations to you! You're on your way to such a beautiful journey!

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  2. 4 Basic Water Filtration Systems: How Does Water Purifiers Work?

    We've been going on and on lecturing you about how important it is to have a clear source of water at home. Not only will it benefit you, but the whole family's health and safety as well. Now that you truly know the benefits of having your own water purifier at home, let us take you through a quick 101 on the different types of water filtration systems. By understanding how each one works, you will be able to identify what kind of water dispenser you need, and trim down your options to just a few.

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  3. Lifehack: Things to Look for in Buying the Perfect Water Purifier

    By now, you may already have decided to purchase your very own water purifier at home—that’s great! As you know it, this home appliance provides so many benefits, which you and your loved ones can enjoy for a long time. To give you a quick recap, here are some of the advantages we mentioned from our previous article.

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