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    Dehydration happens when the fluid going into your body is way less than the quantity of fluid going out. Because of this, your body is not able to maintain the ample amount of water needed to keep itself working at its best. Early symptoms of dehydration include thirst, urine in dark yellowish colour, as well as minimal production of urine. For more severe cases of dehydration, symptoms may include dry mouth and skin, headache, low blood pressure, fever, or even unconsciousness.

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  2. The Ultimate Hack to a Smooth and Healthy Skin

    Is your face covered with wrinkles? Do you suffer from excessive oily skin? Have you had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing nothing but scars and pimple marks? Do not worry, you are not alone. Skin problems are a common dilemma to almost every other people out there.

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  3. H2O: Your Instant Mood Booster

    Feeling down and lonely? We know an instant way to lift your mood up—treat yourself to a refreshing glass of water!

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