By now, you may already have decided to purchase your very own water purifier at home—that’s great! As you know it, this home appliance provides so many benefits, which you and your loved ones can enjoy for a long time. To give you a quick recap, here are some of the advantages we mentioned from our previous article.

  • Ensures health safety of drinkers
  • Provides convenience to the user
  • Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Saves time from unnecessary errands
  • Helps protect the environment

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Because of digital advances, technology has paved the way for better, more convenient, and highly-functional water appliances. To assist you in choosing which water dispenser is perfect for you, we provided some of the most helpful features that you can consider in order to identify the perfect choice for your next best health investment.

✔ Meticulous Filtration System

One of the most effective methods to purify drinking water is through ultraviolet filtering system. UV light eradicates disease-causing microorganism by infiltrating harmful bacteria in your tap water and attacking their genetic core. Without adding chemicals or causing unpleasant taste and odor, UV sterilization destroys as much as 99.99% of these harmful pathogens from your tap water.

Another effective and relatively recent sterilization process is nanofiltration. This method makes use of pores with size of around 0.001 micron that passes through membranes. Nanofiltration facilitates 99.99% removal of nearly all kinds of viruses.

✔ Ease of Maintenance

In order to keep your appliance working effectively, you need to maintain it. Depending on the complexity of the system, some water purifiers require a more tedious monitoring effort.

That being said, it will be a lot helpful if you can look for a water purifier supplier that offers after sales maintenance service to lessen the hassle of looking after your appliance regularly.

There are some companies out there who offer packages including filter replacement, product cleaning, and repair all in one.

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✔ Hot, Cold & Tepid Functions

Most of water purifiers offered in the market today features instant hot and cold systems. Because of this, a huge amount of time and effort is saved when in need of heated and cooled water.

Aside from these two functions, there are some water purifiers as well featuring a tepid function already. With this, users are instantly provided with just the right temperature of lukewarm water without having to mix hot and cool ones themselves.

✔ Childproof Feature

Because of hot functions installed in water purifiers, homes with children residing in it has high risks of burn injuries. In order to keep homes safe and away from these kinds of accidents, some water purifier now features child safety lock buttons, which prevents kids from easily accessing boiling water.

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