Are you a would-be-mom? Or is your wife currently expecting a baby? Well, congratulations to you! You're on your way to such a beautiful journey!

You probably already know the great importance of drinking water. Afterall, the average adult human body is made up of about 70% of water. And the fact that we constantly lose these fluid through our daily activities such as breathing, sweating, and urination makes it so important to consume at least 8 glasses of drinking water for us to be able to replace it.

Water consumption is made even more important for moms-to-be. Studies suggest that a pregnant woman should consume at least 10 glasses of water daily to keep themselves and the little ball of love inside them stay hydrated and healthy. Since water is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to each of our cells and organs, keeping an adequate water consumption is especially crucial.

Unfortunately, not all drinking water is the same. The average water we consume may not be as safe and hygienic as we think it is. They may contain hazardous toxins and chemicals that are not only harmful to non-pregnant adults, but more especially to expectant moms and their unborn child. With that, it's best to stay away from unfiltered tap water and even bottled drinking water.

That's why it is so important to consume only pure, fresh, and clean water throughout your pregnancy. And the best way to do this is by investing in a reliable water dispenser!

Here are just some of the many great benefits of having an accessible water dispenser during your pregnancy:

  • Helps prevent dehydration: Not being able to keep a healthy drinking habit can lead to complications during pregnancy and the possibility of triggering premature labour. Having an accessible water dispenser will help you avoid such from happening.
  • Eases swelling: It may seem counterintuitive, but drinking lots of water will help your body get rid of excess sodium and keep swelling in check.
  • Keep headaches, nausea, cramps, and overheating at bay: Pregnancy elevates your body's temperature even higher. When expecting, you're also more prone to nausea and body pains. Drinking an ample amount of water is a proven way to calm these issues.
  • Diminish chances of constipation: Hormonal increases cause pregnant women to experience recurring constipation. Drinking water often relieves this discomfort.
  • Aids in maintaining good skin: A good water intake habit will help keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and supple—talk about that pregnancy glow!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and expectant moms deserve to treat themselves and the little ones they are carrying with only the best. Enjoy all the amazing benefits of drinking pure, fresh, and clean filtered water with Purikool's line of premium water dispensers. Avail one now and get 1-year worth of FREE maintenance service. For enquiries, please call +65 6909-5616 or email ENQUIRY@PURIKOOL.COM.