Have you ever wondered how many bottles of water you have bought over the past years? Or bottles of carbonated drinks, sports drinks, juices, or whatever beverage that uses a bottle? Just imagine where all these end up. You wouldn't want to know.

Yes, plastic bottles are very handy. It has been made available at almost every store out there and you can easily dispose it whenever you’re too lazy to carry it around. But have you ever thought about the implications of water bottles to our environment?

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Water Bottle Production

Water bottles don’t grow on trees. They aren’t something we pick up ready-made. They are, in fact, manufactured. Gleick and Cooley studied that water bottle production requires around 5.6 to 10.2 million joules of energy per liter. The entire process—from plastic manufacturing, fabrication, processing, and sealing—can be very energy costly.

Imagine the number of water bottles created on a daily basis worldwide. Now, imagine the process it goes through in order to be created. Add in the shipping—from boats, trucks, and trains—it takes just to arrive to the nearest supermarket or convenience store. If you sum up all the energy used until the distribution phase, you probably would be the one crying for our Mother Earth. We could have used all those wasted energy into something more useful, like lighting our houses.

Recycling, or the Lack Thereof

Water bottles are non-biodegradable materials. Meaning, they do not easily break down over the years or transform into useful wastes. A water bottle dumped in a wasteland will still remain intact even after leaving it for a decade. The sad truth is that only 1 out of 5 plastic bottles are being recycled. The rest contribute to the hundreds and thousands of useless wastes.


Water bottles take about 400 to 1,000 years to decompose. You would have already been born, lived your life and died, and the water bottles that you used will still be on Earth. It takes several generations before a single plastic bottle reaches its end. By the time it does, the bottle has already released toxic chemicals that can be very dangerous for our planet.

The solution

Not everything that we are doing today may have a major impact now, but pile everything up and the consequences can be very grave. Perhaps not for you, but for the future generations. If you are going green and you want to do your part in saving our planet, one of the best ways to do this is by using a water dispenser. Read this to know more about the benefits you can get from doing so health-wise. We’ve also made a quick rundown of its highlights in relation to plastic water bottles.

  1. Save your wallet and the planet. The money you will spend on a water bottle, compared to buying a mug or a stainless steel container that you can keep by your bedside table or your office desk, can save you thousands. By following this, you will be doing your wallet and our Mother Earth a huge favour.
  2. Refill, not landfill.Every drop of water you put into your mugs and containers contribute a lot to slowly decreasing landfills that has been destroying our planet. Using an alternative can reduce the wastes we produce significantly.
  3. Unhealthy bottles.Bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA), an environmental estrogen that is classified as endocrine disruptors. It is added to clear plastics and can be very dangerous to our health.
  4. Healthier water.Some bottled waters contain chemicals, while purified and filtered water do not. And they’re just roughly the same when it comes to taste compared to bottled water. You’re getting the same thing minus the expense of it all.

Do your part and help save the Earth. Every time you are tempted to buy, think of the consequences it can bring to our environment, and perhaps, you might change your mind and start investing on a more environment-friendly source. Check out our wide variety of premium water dispensers today!