Is your face covered with wrinkles? Do you suffer from excessive oily skin? Have you had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing nothing but scars and pimple marks? Do not worry, you are not alone. Skin problems are a common dilemma to almost every other people out there.

Have you tried everything in the market that you can find to deal with your problem and yet you can’t still seem to find a solution? No matter what cream, balm, lotion, or mask you apply, the problem just ain’t going nowhere.

Don’t give up just yet because we have a solution for you. It’s at home, in the office, at a restaurant, in school—everywhere! In fact, you can take it with you if you have a container of your own. The answer? The fountain of youth! No, we are not talking about that famous spring in history that supposedly restores the youth for anyone who drinks or bathes in it. We are talking about water.

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How can water help you achieve a healthy-looking skin?

  1. Water is a very essential element to keep your body functioning at its best. So much so that more than half of a human body is actually composed of water. For our organs to work effectively and efficiently, it needs an ample amount of H2O. The fact that our skin is the largest organ in our body means that we need to keep our water intake at close check if we want it to stay healthy.
  2. Water fends off breakouts by decreasing concentration of oil in your skin. It’s not that oil is bad. But if skin is more covered by oil than water, it can lead to clogged pores, which can result into acne breakouts and blemishes. To keep oil production at bay, start a habit of drinking enough amount of water everyday.
  3. Water is your kidney’s best friend. When you drink water, your hard working organs are able to facilitate this important process of filtering out unwanted wastes from the body. Being able to flush out toxins highly contributes to smoothening and maintaining a healthy skin.
  4. It promotes regular bowel movements. Let’s put it this way, water acts like a softener or a lubricant to your stool and colon. If there’s not enough water, it becomes dry, thus, causing uncomfortable bowel movement or constipation. Like urination, these process of discharging wastes from the body helps out in keeping our skin smooth and healthy.

Those are just a few of the many benefits water does for our body. It is indeed a miracle worker to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Now, there’s two things we need to take note of if we want to maximise the advantages of drinking water. It’s how much and how fast you drink.

  • How much? Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Instead of grabbing that can of soda or mug of coffee, why don’t you just go basic and drink water? It’s cheap and accessible in most cases. It also is the best energy booster and refreshment to last throughout a hectic day.
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  • How fast? Drink but not all at once. Aim for that 8-10 glasses a day but don’t do it in one seating. It should be spread throughout the day and not gulped as if you’re in a race.

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