Glass of Water

When talking about the advantages of maintaining a conscious water consumption, the larger cut of the pie goes to health benefits. This is why us here at Purikool encourages every family to take ahold of their own water dispensers at home. We believe that this is the most practical way of reaching the ample amount of water consumption that your body needs. Before going on canvassing water dispensers here in Singapore, take a look at the following reasons first of why you need to drink more water every day.

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It Helps Control Your Calorie Intake

Water helps a lot if you are on your journey to losing some weight not because it can magically eliminate body fats. Water helps basically because when you drink enough of it, you tend to feel fuller, hence you consume fewer calories.

It’s good to have a cup of water a few minutes prior to your meal time so your tummy won’t feel the need to be filled with too much food. Water also makes a good substitute to your colored drinks because it has zero calories. No matter how much water you drink, there’s no need for you to worry. Lastly, water is a natural appetite suppressant— definitely makes a good diet buddy!

It Aids in Maintaining Normal Bowel Movement

Water facilitates good digestion as it can be of help in breaking down food. Also, nothing feels heavier than a rough flowing gastrointestinal tract, don’t you agree? When your body doesn’t get the enough amount of fluid it needs, your colon tends to borrow some from your stool in order to sustain hydration. Just imagine that! This unfortunately results to one of the heaviest feeling in the world—constipation.

It Supports a Healthy Kidney

Hydration is a major factor in maintaining well-performing organs. This is also true for your hardworking kidneys. To keep your body functioning at its best, your kidneys are constantly working on some intricate processes. One of the most important roles of this organ is to filter your blood by eliminating wastes from it, excreted in a form of urine.

Inadequate intake of water prevents your kidneys from doing a good job in cleansing your body. We definitely do not want that to happen!

It Helps Clear Up Your Skin

Your skin, being the largest organ in your body, contains a lot of cells. And if you don’t know it yet, cells are made up mostly of water. So just like any other organs in the human body, your skin needs the ample amount of water to function properly. What happens if you leave your body dehydrated? It results to dry and flaky skin. It also has less capacity to recover from breakage and is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

When you drink water, your body tends to fill up your other organs first before it gets to your skin. And because a whole lot of water is lost in your body every single day, you have to make sure that you are getting enough water to keep your skin hydrated.

Sounds convincing? For something truly simple as drinking enough water, you and your family can gain tremendous amount of health benefits. All the more reason for you to finally purchase your very own water dispenser!

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