Puri Flash HB-840 White

Puri Flash HB-840 White

Puri Sense HB-670

Puri Sense HB-670

Puri Flash HB-841 Black

With "STANDARD" + "INSTANT HEAT" functions.

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Modern, Smart Design.

  • 01. Slim size : Available in a confined space.
  • 02. Smart Disply – Stylish Disply easily shows operation state.

Safety function for customers.

  • 01. Hot water Safety funtion – Safety button for hot water.

Special feature

  • 01. Compressor protection – For compressor protection and noise prevention, Compressor is activated after 2 minutes when initial installation.
  • 02. Instant heating system – Press a hot choice button and then after 7 sec, - Using a Hot water 75~90℃. / Hot water rated service flow : 500cc/min.
  • 03. Burring to cold tank – To avoid injury to a customer and manager.

04. Protection overheating – Using Bi-matal (ceramic) and 2 layer wire condnesor ( Compact type ).

2 layer wire condenser

Temperature Sensor

05. Temperature check by sensor – Check a Temperature inside cold & hot water tank by sensor.

06. High Quality ABS - Using Anti-scratch, Anti-discolor ABS ( Using HD TV Frame )



Removing sediment particles such as dust and sand.


Removing chemicals, toxins, chlorine.


Removing bacteria and impurity inside water.


Increase water quality and removing gas and bad odor.

Model No HB-841 Cold TEMP 4~8°C
Rated Power Customer’s option Hot Water TEMP 75~90°C
Dimension 230 x 476 x 503mm IP Level IPX1
Weight 12KG Product Usage Environment Indoor(House & Office)
Cold Tank Capacity 2.8 Liter Cold Temp control Thermostat(Temp sensor)
Hot Tank Capacity Instant heating system Hot Temp Control Thermistor(Temp sensor)
Comp Power Consumption 100W Cooling Forced Cooling Type
Heater Power Consumption 2,500W Heater Type Instant Heating
Display Power, Cold, Hot, Lock Water Dispenser Solenoid valve
Condenser Wire Condenser Overheating Prevention Bi-metal (ceramic) & TEMP sensor)
Permitted Water TEMP 0-35°C Permitted Water Pressure 0.5~4kgf/cm²
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